Dallas, Texas 1 comment

We have been working with them for 2 years!The first counselor was let go so then we get another one....have to start all over with all the paperwork and explaining everything again.

Still not getting anywhere with them. The Cleveland office really need to get people who knows what they are doing, we scan paperwork to them, and our person replys to us that he has gotten it in an email. But then when we talk to him he says he does not have anything!! Really!!!

Our landlord has even gone up with us to help with the purchase of the house,we have everything in order to buy the house,so way are they not doing their part!Going to call home office and complain or get Channel 3 News involved to get an answer!!!

Review about: Loan.



You can contact and he will investigate what is taking so long for you to get through the process.

NAAC - Making enquires

Morristown, New Jersey 1 comment

I received a letter from NAAC that i,m entitled to receive $1.9million in cash&awards and the account number assigned to me is 160115627 sent to me on my address 247 Hempstead Drive Somerset N.J 08873 hence my deadline is 21st September to make a report fee of $19.99.if this is not a scam then mail or call me on 7329121809 explaining to me briefly why i should make a report fee of $19.99 before receiving the cash prize or i wont make the payment..hope to read back from you soon..thanks..Ashford Sam Aikins



Hi Ashford! Totally agree with you on this! By the way do you know a Diane Taylor? I'm Luke Mcdonald and just wanted to know if you did or not, because apparently I am sending here some money so that she can come over to see me and I had to give it to you for some reason, and I need to make sure that this is right? I do feel for her heaps so any input would be much appreciated.

Thanks, you can contact me on;

NAAC - N.A.A.C.Administrative Services AWARDS

Saugerties, New York 1 comment
Not resolved

N.A.A.C. Administrative Services AWARDS

Today I also received a letter to SEND $19.95 to receive my AWARDED 1 MILLion Plus monies. I am going to copy all information then I am going to the POST MASTER at our local post office and give him all information. I am thinking to SEND THE $19.99 IN MONEY ORDER and pay $.80 for TRACKING TO THAT ADDRESS.

I will be very interested in the outcome of this!!!


Maybe the protection services consider FRAUD if you paid and received nothing.

Maybe more complaints have to be filed with the local POST OFFICES about receiving this kind of mail.



I sent this company money in the form of a money orders is there something we can do, if so could you let me know want and how to go about it.

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